Toy Tracker FAQ's

Q. Is Toy Tracker easy to use?

A. The feedback from our customers is that it is! Many of our customers come to Toy Tracker after struggling with other toy library software and they invariably say that ours is easier to use.

Q. What training will I get?

A. On-site training is included in the price. Generally the training lasts 1-2 hours though it can last longer if you have a group to train or you need extra help.

Q. What happens if something goes wrong?

A. During the first year, you can call us or email us for help as much as you like. If your Toy Tracker PC is connected to the Internet, we have the ability (with your express permission) to control your PC remotely to show you how to do something you're unsure of, or to fix a problem. After the first year you can take out a support package with us to continue receiving support and upgrades.

Q. We want to place an order but we're not ready to install yet - is this OK?

A. This is fine. As many or most of our customers are associated with Councils, often funds have to be spent before the end of the financial year. That is fine - we are happy to take an order now and install Toy Tracker whenever it suits you.

Q. If I place an order today, how long will it be before you come and install it?

A. Normally 2-3 weeks, bit we can be flexible to suit you.

Q. Do you install the system anywhere in the UK?

A. Yes, we have travelled all over the UK to install and train toy libraries, even across to Northern Ireland. Rather than just give you software to download or post out a CD, we like to meet our customers and ensure that they are well trained and ready to use the system.

Q. I already have our toy catalogue on a spreadsheet - can you import that information into Toy Tracker for me?

A. Generally, yes. We would do this when we install the software and train you.

Q. We already have data within another toy library package - can you import it into Toy Tracker or do I have to rekey everything?

A. Generally we can import but it does depend on which other package you have. Please ask us to check before you place your order if this is important to you.

Q. When I phone for help, will I be calling a premium rate number?

A. No, it is an 0845 "local call" rate from everywhere in the UK. If you prefer to ring a "geographic" number (this is often cheaper from mobile phones) let us know and we'll tell you what it is.

Q. What guarantee is there that you will be around for years to come to support and develop the software?

A. We have been trading successfully since 1999 and we are a very stable company. We sell other software and other services and have a very diverse range of customers. Most of our business comes via personal recommendation. If you are worried and require "Escrow" (this would enable you to access the program's "source code" should the worst happen) we can arrange this for you, at cost.

Q. How does barcoding work?

A. The membership cards that Toy Tracker prints contain barcodes. In addition, the toy catalogue also is automatically barcoded. When you want to book a toy in or out, you simply scan the two barcodes (the member code and the toy code) and the job is done. If you prefer, you can also barcode the toys themselves using sticky labels though this isn't always practical depending on the size and shape of the toy in question.

Q. Can the software be used without a barcode reader?

A. Yes, absolutely. It is just an optional extra which will speed up the booking in and booking out process.

Q. Will the software work on more than one PC at the same time?

A. Yes, the software can run over a network with more than one person using it at the same time. Each person can have their own login details to access Toy Tracker. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

Q. How do I back up Toy Tracker and is it easy to do?

A. Yes, it is very easy to back up. We can demonstrate how to do this and can also supply external backup drives and software to automate the process. We strongly recommend backing up Toy Tracker every day to make sure your data is safe.

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